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The affordable way to pay for your healthcare

When you receive treatment through a hospital, surgery center, or healthcare provider who offers BHG Patient Lending, you can opt to pay your out-of-pocket expenses over time with flexible monthly payments that fit your budget.


  • All credit scores accepted — from those rebuilding credit to those with excellent credit history1

  • No collateral requirements — no need to pledge your personal assets to qualify

  • Fixed low APR — regardless of your credit history or loan term

  • Flexible payments — select a monthly payment amount that fits your budget, with terms out to 60 months

  • No hard credit pulled — no hard inquiries will appear on your credit report

  • No hidden costs — no pre-payment penalties or confusing promotional periods

How it works

Let your provider know you’d like to settle your out-of-pocket costs with BHG Patient Lending.

Select the monthly payment and loan term that fits your budget. Then review and e-sign your loan document viauser-friendly online portal.

Within 48 hours, your balance is settled with your provider, and you will make monthly payments through the BHG Patient Lending platform.

See how affordable your healthcare can be

Enter your desired loan amount to to view your monthly payment options.
Please enter an amount between $500 and $10,000.

With BHG Patient Lending, your payments could be
as low as $49 a month.

Length of LoanMonthly Payment

*Monthly payments based on 15.99% interest rate and $40 monthly payment minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interest rate?+-

BHG Patient Lending offers financing for your healthcare costs at a fixed, low rate of 15.99%.

What expenses can this cover?+-

BHG Patient Lending is available to finance your healthcare expenses of $500 to $10,000.

Will this loan appear on my credit report?+-

Yes, your BHG Patient Lending loan will appear on your credit report. On-time payment history will reflect positively on your credit report, which can help build and improve credit.

How do I get started?+-

Contact your hospital, surgery center, or provider’s office to find out if they offer BHG Patient Lending. If they do, their staff will be able to start your loan set up process in just minutes. If they don’t, feel free to recommend they contact us to find out how to become a participating provider.

Ask the payment specialist at your hospital, surgery center, or provider’s office about settling your balance with BHG Patient Lending.